Written by Lizzie Reimer

When I began my education at the University of Arkansas, I was a declared double major in Theater and Psychology. My first semester was such a whirlwind! It went so much faster than I ever could have expected, but I loved every minute of it! I was involved in several theater productions at the University, and joined Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian sorority here on campus, in addition to taking 16 credit hours! I was busy, but I would say that it was all worth it, and overall, it was a fantastic first semester. Unfortunately, I decided over winter break that I had a little too much going on, and I have decided to drop my theater major to a minor. Theater has been such a large part of my life for a long time, and I am disappointed to have to take a step back. Nonetheless, I am so excited for the opportunities that this little bit of extra time will afford me.
Elizabeth ReimerI am in the honors college, and one of my core requirements for my degree plan is to take four semesters of a language. I chose to take ancient Greek, and this requirement that I take four semesters of this language will allow me to very easily obtain a classical studies minor in addition to the theater minor. I hope to spend more time next semester exploring leadership opportunities within my sorority and focusing on building up my relationships with my sisters. I also plan to apply for a committee position in the University of Arkansas’ Associated Student Government. And there are so many more opportunities to get involved than this! The number one piece of advice that I received upon entering into college was to get involved, and I plan to do just that! I am very excited for the next semester and year to come.