olagunju_oladayoMany may have asked how Oladayo Olagunju, a Nigerian born in Lagos who likes to be called Double O., ended up at the University of Arkansas. Oladayo described his acceptance “facetiously” as “an incontestably compelling case for joining the University of Arkansas family,” after applying to schools all over the world. It was the very responsive nature of the Honors College staff that drew him in. He could tell “they really cared,” he said.

During his time at the University of Arkansas, it was such caring people that impacted his outlook and perspective. The selflessness he experienced through advice, resources, and opinions of a few are what solidified his bond to them and the university. Oladayo continues to develop those friendships with many he met at his alma mater. He describes them as some of his “closest friends and advisors.”

Upon graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2005, he moved to California to attend Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where he completed his Master’s of Business Administration in June 2007. During his time at Stanford, he founded Techtain, “a hi-tech Internet startup focused on environmental sustainability” and became its CEO upon graduation. He also served as the director of Samsung during Techtain’s start-up.

Currently, Oladayo serves as chairman of Techtain’s board; vice president of Hale Global, “a technology investment holding company that acquires distressed assets of parent companies;” and a board member of some small, California hi-tech start-ups and charities. He is also a member of the Arkansas Alumni Association.

Oladayo wants to affect change for the future whether that is through politics, or continuing to impact in other ways. He is open to the future, focused on today, and always holds close to his heart the past memories of fine conversations in the Brough Commons and Pomfret dining halls, and beloved professors he met, while attending the University of Arkansas.

He is also a member of the Arkansas Alumni Association.