When Stephanie N. Burgess was 10 years-old, she won her first award; it was an essay titled The Impact of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Today’s Society. It was the beginning of Ms. Burgess’s writing career; however, she did not follow up with her writing, seriously, until many years later.

Now, Ms. Burgess dreams of being able to share her stories with you giving you an escape from your everyday life’s journey. It does not matter to her if she becomes wealthy off her writing, she just wants to write.

Ms. Burgess received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, 1995, from the University of BAS - Stephanie BurgessArkansas, and she is currently working on her MBA with Marketing Certification from the University of Phoenix. Ms. Burgess has taught literacy and creative writing to many students and hopes to continue working with them improving their skills.

To date, she has written 4 novels, The Man in My Dreams, The Closer I Get to You, Caught My Eye, and The Diva Bride. She is currently working on her 5th novel, Show Me How to Love available this August. Along with novels, Ms. Burgess has penned several poems and short stories.

Her stories are designed to connect with her readers drawing them into the stories as if they were living with the characters day-to-day life. Many of her characters have “real-life” struggles and situations. Because of this Ms. Burgess’s readers can relate and grow as the characters grow. “There’s such a joy to read Ms. Burgess’s work; her stories gives me an avenue to overcome some of my own personal struggles,” Kate, Arizona.

Ms. Burgess currently lives in Orlando, FL and has two daughters, whom she is very proud of, Mercedes, 17 and Nakira, 11. Ms. Burgess is an avid reader and lover of the arts, {Ballet, Broadway Musicals, Museums, and Operas} movies, music, and sports.

In her spare time, Ms. Burgess is a baker and works with her mother’s catering company Sharon’s Kitchen. Baking is Ms. Burgess’s connection to her maternal grandmother, Carmen, who taught her to bake when she was 13. It is her hope to bake and write as a way to support herself and her daughters.

To pick up any of Ms. Burgess’ novels visit her at www.stephanienburgessbooks.com; you can contact her at authorburgess@gmail.com, she would love to hear from you.