Bao Bui, a senior technical sales specialist for IBM, came to the University of Arkansas from Fort Smith on a full paid academic scholarship and loved his time as a student.

He fondly remembers his freshman year – his favorite year – when he lived in Pomfret Residence Hall. “I lived on campus and the entire year was a blast. I got to meet so many new people.” He feels that is what the University is all about — bringing people together.

Before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1998, Bao took part in a co-op opportunity within the Sam M. Walton College of Business. It helped him figure out which career he wanted to pursue. This experience was invaluable to him. It allowed him to see if the career he wanted to choose was a good fit for him. The experience also afforded him the opportunity to take a job with his current company.

Bao, an annual member of the Arkansas Alumni Association, felt the University of Arkansas gave so much to him that he desired to give back upon graduating. He is a past president of the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Arkansas Alumni Association, and currently serves as a member of the Arkansas Alumni Association National Board of Directors. He loves giving back in this capacity because it shows his continued love and appreciation for the University of Arkansas.

Taking on such leadership, he can help educate alumni on how their membership to the Alumni Association can help past, present and future alumni. He hopes all alumni will give back to their alma mater and make a difference.