largeWhat activities were you involved with at the U of A?

Fresh HOGS, Associated Student Government, Chi Omega, Arkansas Booster Club, Greek Life Facilitators, Student Alumni Board, Young Democrats, Mortar Board Honor Society, Order of Omega Honor Society

How has your position on SAB helped you after graduation?

Student Alumni Board was by far my favorite leadership position I held during my time at the U of A. It exposed me to a myriad of people and ideas. I think the most valuable learning I have taken away from SAB and have been able to apply to my post-undergrad career is the importance of networking as well as maintaining relationships whether they are friendly and/or professional. I would have never imagined the opportunities I have received from simply forming new contacts and making the effort to reconnect occasionally.

What was your major at the U of A and why did you choose it?

I was a double major in economics and political science. I started as a political science major because I have always been interested in policy and governmental functions in general. I added economics to supplement my political science degree and really enjoined the analytical nature of this degree and type of thinking.

What is your current job and where are you located? 

I am currently a merchant assistant for which is a part of the online buying team. I am currently living in Manhattan, New York.

Describe the transition from college to the professional world.

My transition to the professional world was much more accelerated than I had anticipated. I was offered my position the week after graduation and had to find a place to live in NYC and start work within three weeks. The transition was somewhat overwhelming, but extremely exciting. Going from the college to working anywhere from 8-12 hours a day was much easier than I expected however. My days are extremely fast paced and seem to speed by.

What advice would you give a current freshman on campus? 

I know it’s been said before, but honestly the best advice I can give to a current freshman or anyone is to get involved on campus or in NWA. I took advantage of this early my freshman year and I am so thankful I did. I met so many wonderful people as a result and I was offered opportunities I could have never imagined. I also think it is so valuable to build genuine relationships with your professors and administrators. I still keep in close contact with several of mine.

What advice would you give a graduating senior? 

Network! I used to be very apprehensive to reach out to adults/administrators about potential career opportunities. It wasn’t until I was on Student Alumni Board that I really began to take advantage of this. Arkansas Alumni are so loyal to our university and are looking to help our students. I received my current job from networking with Arkansas alumni.