My name is Accee Milton and I am a third year computer science major with a minor in biology. I was Milton,-Acceeborn in Fayetteville, Arkansas, however my hometown is Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I had a decent year in 2013-2014. It could have been better but I can take what I learned and use it as a lesson of what to do and what not to do for this year.

I was not as involved in Black Alumni Society during the 2013-2014 year as I was in 2012-2013, but I think I still made significant contributions to the group. I intend to be a lot more involved this academic year. My most memorable moment from last year was when Dr. Alveda C. King came to speak at the Union ballroom. I felt that her words were very inspiring and I actually enjoyed her very much.

There were a few classes that I enjoyed last year but the one that stood out the most was my sociology class, taught by Dr. Elizabeth Newman. She really had a great class and she made the class fun to go every day. I would actually take another class under Dr. Newman.

The Phoebe Todd Harris & Anne Harris LaRew Alumni scholarship means a lot to me. It means I can get a quality education at the University of Arkansas without having to worry too much about the expenses of tuition. It means that there are alumni that are looking out for the future students of their alma mater. It means that someone cares about the education of the younger generations. I am really thankful for the two ladies that funded this scholarship and I am really honored that I can receive it.



Accee Milton