Day: December 15, 2011

BAS Congratulates Airic Hughes

Airic Hughes, a native of Jacksonville, AR, enrolled at the University of Arkansas in 2007 where he undertook history as a major. Throughout his time here, he has accomplished many goals, including becoming one of the first two students to intern under the Division of University Advancement. This program was created in 2009 with hopes of increasing diversity throughout the division and creating a program to recruit and train underrepresented students in the field of Advancement. During his time as an intern, Airic worked with the offices of University Relations, Fulbright College Office of Development, The UA Office of...

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BAS Scholars Give Back

In honor of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, the BAS scholars decided to visit a nursing home. The nursing home of choice was the Veterans Home on College Ave. Every resident in this particular nursing home has served in the military, had a child that was killed while serving in the military or had a husband or wife killed while serving. On Sunday, November 13th, the BAS scholars ventured to the Veterans Home in pursuit of giving back to their community. Upon arrival, the scholars signed in and received their visitors’ passes. They volunteered on a secured floor and immediately dispersed themselves amongst the residents. Some of the scholars sat and enjoyed conversation with the residents, while some enjoyed playing board games with the elderly. The residents were so thrilled to have people come to visit with them, and they reiterated that at every opportunity possible! In concluding the visit, the scholars joined in with a group to sing hymns to the residents. Scholars were offered hymn books and partook in the singing and selecting of songs. Every resident was smiling with delight at the talent prevalent among the group. A few of the residents knew all of the words to every song, while some of the residents were offered hymn books to read the songs and follow along. Two of the residents were waiting patiently prior to the scholars’...

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Free Your Mind: Support BAS Scholarships

“To go to college, or not to go to college; finances are the issue.” Kabrina Gardner Of all racial groups reported in the Census, African-Americans consistently have the lowest income level regardless of which income bracket is considered. More than half of African-American households make less than $35,000 a year. Twenty-two percent of African-Americans between the ages of 18 to 64 fall below the poverty threshold. For African-Americans under the age of 18, that percentage soars to over 35 percent. For African-Americans combating financial struggles, college comes secondary to survival. Teens raised in these types of environments are more likely to experience issues regarding premature pregnancy, drug related issues, homicide and low educational attainment. For these individuals, college may not be a plausible option; however, donations to scholarships that focus on assisting African-Americans to acquire a post-high school education can make all the difference. Research suggests that the income level that one is born into is likely to be the income level that one remains in throughout his or her life, but it is time for us to break that cycle. The younger generations of African-Americans do not have to be subjected to poverty and constant financial struggles; they can obtain an education and start anew, but they need YOUR help. The Black Alumni Society of the University of Arkansas asks you to “Think Back, Look Back, Come Back...

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Pay it Forward: BAS Scholars Say Thank You

Imani Smith and Chris Young would like to thank the Black Alumni Society for awarding them scholarships for the 2011-2012 school year. Dear Black Alumni, Thank you so much for the opportunity in receiving the Black Alumni Society Challenge Scholarship. Being a second year recipient for this scholarship has truly blessed me in becoming an educated black woman.  My plans are to graduate from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in African American Studies. I am a part of various organizations on campus such as the Black Alumni Society, Black Studentd...

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