Marcus Hopkins

Young alumnus, Adam White, understands what it means to “give back” to the University of Arkansas. A member of the Arkansas Alumni Association, board member of the Civil Engineering Alumni Society and scholarship benefactor, his proactive approach to staying connected to his alma mater and department continue to be important [...]

For Adam White, Age is Not a Factor When Giving ...

Thank you to all alumni who attended the Pride of Arkansas Tour event at The Rogers House in Little Rock on February. The event was one of 45 stops around the state and region in an effort to further the Association's outreach and connect with more members of the University of Arkansas family residing in areas with dense populations of alumni.

Alumni Share Favorite Campus Memories During 2010 Pride of Arkansas ...

The fourth and final week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour kicked off in Fort Smith and continued to central Arkansas with stops in Little Rock and North Little Rock. We quickly discovered that alumni love to talk about their fondest memories as a student at the University of Arkansas, whether it playing sports or attending games, meeting new friends or getting to know future spouses.

Alumni Fondly Remember Meeting Spouses and Lifelong Friends at the ...

Entering the University of Arkansas in 2003, it was the College of Engineering's remarkable reputation that caught Marcus Hopkins' eye in deciding where he wanted to go to school. He knew he could get a degree in civil engineering that would be well-respected by future employers, and it was through this degree choice that he began to get involved.

Marcus Hopkins Credits University of Arkansas Professors for his Success