Kabrina Gardner

“To go to college, or not to go to college; finances are the issue.” Kabrina Gardner Of all racial groups reported in the Census, African-Americans consistently have the lowest income level regardless of which income bracket is considered. More than half of African-American households make less than $35,000 a year. [...]

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During the month of February, when history teachers across the nation educate students on the struggles of African-Americans, one historical factor remains the same despite the teacher, location or school district: the struggle for education. African-Americans have always been aware that the key to equality started with an education. Throughout [...]

Free Your Mind: Support BAS Scholarships

The Black Alumni Society held their fall board meeting on October 22, 2011. Meeting called to order at 10:15. Members present: Dr. Bobby Jones, Emanuel Banks, Earl Hill, Synetra Gilmer, John L Colbert,  Linda Bedford Jackson,  Joey and Kabrina Gardner, Angela Mosley Monts, Gigi Secuban, Cedric Williams, Ebony Oliver Wyatt [...]

BAS Fall Board Meeting