Joplin MO

As I packed for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) National Conference, I stuffed my cute pea coat into my suitcase in hopes of staying warm in Anchorage, Alaska. My flight offered views that looked like something out of a magazine; snow covered mountaintops were all I could see.

Sydney Dickson presents at Alaska conference

As an extension of the Arkansas Alumni Association’s “Helpin’ Like a Hog” program, “Operation: Holiday Cheer” brought a bit of Christmas spirit to Joplin on Monday, Dec. 12, as staff from the Association unloaded a moving truck full of Christmas decorations for families affected by the May 22 tornado. Heath [...]

Alumni Staff Bring Christmas to Joplin with “Operation: Holiday Cheer”

Sydney Dickson is a recipient of the Arkansas Alumni Association's 2011 Endowed Scholarship. A resident of Joplin, MO, Dickson has attended the same school since kindergarten. Participating in volleyball, basketball and National Honors Society, she is also the president of her schools' student council.

Sydney Dickson Receives 2011 Endowed Scholarship

Ask a Joplin tornado victim if one day really does make a difference and they will most definitely answer ‘yes.’  On Saturday, Oct. 22, 51 “Helpin’ Like a Hog” volunteers consisting of staff from the Arkansas Alumni Association and the Division of Advancement, Association scholarship recipients, and alumni, family and [...]

“Helpin’ Like a Hog” Reaches Out to Residents and Alumni ...

On May 23, 2011, the people of Joplin awoke to find their homes and schools leveled, as well as their community and its residents in shambles. As a result of one of the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history, 8,000 homes and businesses were destroyed, damages totaled more than $1 million [...]

University of Arkansas Works to Aid in Joplin Relief Effort ...

In connection with the Arkansas Alumni Association's volunteer engagement program, the Association is pleased to announce the creation of "Helpin' Like a Hog." Only a few weeks into the planning process, staff members have come together to create a program that will help to engage alumni who express an interest in community service.

The Arkansas Alumni Association Announces Helpin' Like a Hog Program