SAB Director Spotlight: Preston Baker, Director of Communications

Preston Baker is a senior supply chain management major who grew up in San Antonio, TX. During his freshman year his family moved home to Fayetteville and two of his four brothers also attend the University of Arkansas. During his time here he has been involved in the Dean’s Student Advisory Board of the Walton College as well as the student-run business, Students Acquiring Knowledge through Enterprise (SAKE). Preston has also been actively involved in the Transportation and Logistics Association, the Student Ambassador program, and Greek life. His family was the recipient of ASG’s 2011 Honorary Family Award, and Preston has also been honored as the February 2012 Student of the Month by the Department of Supply Chain Management. He attends St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish and has worked at companies in Northwest Arkansas such as Northstar Partnering Group and JB Hunt.

During his time on the Student Alumni Board, Preston cites his involvement with the homecoming planning as the most difficult yet rewarding experience. “Planning and organizing volunteers to make the homecoming parade happen was definitely a challenge, especially since so many students are involved in multiple organizations.” Preston not only helped plan the parade but also worked to carry out the behind the scenes aspects of it as well. Before the parade started he drove his truck down Dickson Street and dropped of volunteers to block traffic, then looped around campus to pick them up on the tail end of the parade. “I didn’t get to watch the parade, but it was all worth it to help make it happen,” said Preston. “Besides, after it was all over I got to hang out with the rest of the SAB directors on stage at the Homecoming Pep Rally.”

As the director of communications, Preston has learned a great deal about how to spread news through avenues such as social media, and he “hopes that you enjoyed some of the SAA tweets.”

On his experience on SAB, Preston says “I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people, and sincerely hope that younger students take advantage of all that is available to them at the YOU of A.”

Preston will graduate in May, and is currently looking into different employment opportunities. He plans to return to school in the next couple of years to obtain an MBA.

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