Garland County Chapter

The Garland County Chapter will host John Diamond, associate vice chancellor of university relations, and Clint Stoerner, former quarterback of the Arkansas Razorbacks, at its annual scholarship fundraiser on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Held at the home of chapter members, Paul and Tracy Rice, guests will enjoy dinner and a [...]

John Diamond and Clint Stoerner to Speak at Garland County ...

In connection with the Arkansas Alumni Association's volunteer engagement program, the Association is pleased to announce the creation of "Helpin' Like a Hog." Only a few weeks into the planning process, staff members have come together to create a program that will help to engage alumni who express an interest in community service.

The Arkansas Alumni Association Announces Helpin' Like a Hog Program

Since its founding in 1878, the Arkansas Alumni Association has stayed true to its mission—"to connect and serve the University of Arkansas family." As new alumni form each year, it is the goal of the Association to maintain contact with those who wish to remain close to the university and show their support through donations, volunteerism, membership and chapter involvement.

The Arkansas Alumni Association Connects Alumni through Chapter Program